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(918): Bonnie C
Krystole.net is Bonnie Combs (infamous design and image thief, pedophile and cyberstalker) newest attempt to steal your money and ideas and defame people she's jealous of.

Previous instances of theft, harassment and psychotic behaviour can be seen by googling Bonnie Combs Tulsa.

Bonnie Combs fakes comments to herself, steals from her disabled (and now dead) mother, and makes up lies about people online because she has no life. She makes up entire fake stories about herself, such as being pregnant, being rich, traveling the world, having a high school diploma and so fourth. She has to lie about other people because we have done nothing wrong, but why lie about yourself like that?

I filed a DMCA on Bonnie Combs because she had my personal photo of my children from my blog on her site. I sent it to her host, dreamhost.com, his upstream provider, her ISP and her mother. This was the email she sent in response, fully confessing to taking MY personal photo off of MY site:

"Hello Marie. The "copyright photo" has been removed from my site. However, I expect
all photos you stole from me to be removed from your site as well... and I know there are
many. I have never seen your nephew in my life and have never had a photo of him on my
computer. Also, the only photo I have ever taken from you is the one that was on my site
so there is no need to lie. I have contacted your internet company regarding the stolen
photos on your website and expect them to be removed. Also, my internet is not connected
through my mothers and she already knows the truth. Thank you. Good day."

If that's not enough, I have not had a photo gallery of any kind on my site for over a year and when I did, it consisted of myself in New York City. Neither of which she photographed at all because they were taken at times when I did not know she even existed. The code on my site was made by and purchased from bluechic and has been on my site since June 2006. It's only the second layout my site has had since it was purchased in 2004.

As for her "not" getting involved in any drama, go read the threads on bonniecombs.co.vu, or go look at her "Wall of Shame". She is extremely hostile to mothers and parents online. She has no proof of what she has stated about herself, because her entire online life is a lie.

As for a psycho, read around on the web what this woman does to people. She made a threat on MOX to a mother: "tell Katy to be careful or she'll find her kid gone and herself missing some of her ugly rotten teeth. peace." If that is not a hostile, psychotic drama queen, I don't know what is.

This woman has taken personal photos of myself and Katy, and edited them to write on them, little descriptions about us, such as "Fat ***" or "only a ****** would wear pink" or some other ridiculous statement. She is an immature, evil little person who cannot get her facts straight even to insult the people she hates.

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