Exposing Hoes And The Lies They Tell

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(918): Chretienne O
Let's talk about internet trolls, drug addicts, schizophrenics and general losers who get their kicks off by bringing other people down.

I know of a few. Namely Christine Armstrong / Christina Armstrong / Christina Ouelette / Christine Ouelette / Chretienne Ouelette / Jamie Vaughn / "Ceej" / Jamie Vaughn Betancourt

I'm sure she has a thousand other persona's. People who are shunned and hated tend to have to create other personalities to hide online.

Let me tell you about this girl.

She's 33 years old and lives in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She's a mother of 5 or so she says. She claims to be a lot of things, such as a chemist, professor, teacher, mother, wife, etc.. but none of it is true.

This girl has schizophrenia and psychosis and has been lying about her life on the internet since 1999! She is beyond crazy and delusional and this is the only way she feels good about herself.

She buddies up with other self-deluded losers like Kim Brooks / Reid "Hausofkim" and together they find any pretty, happy girl that they can and they attack her. They make hate blog after hate blog, they spew their ignorance and lies all over the internet. They try to gather crowds of people and try to convince other people to hate these girls when these girls have done nothing wrong. Or if they have done anything wrong, it was something that happened a long time ago and this person has moved on but these 2 girls can't move on. They're both so crazy and obsessed and jealous that they have to continue to fuel the fire and stalk and defame and terrorize and threaten and blackmail and harass then deny, deny, deny.

This is the true definition of insanity.

The blogs owned by these girls? There is so many. Neither of them have a life off the internet and have time to run multiple blogs. To name a few, comatised.com, frozen-stars.net, pixie.nu, hausofkim.wordpress.com, hausofkim.com

Victims? There's been many. Namely Krystal who has had to legally change her name because of these 2 girls. Others include Megan Lewis, Pamela, Roxanne, Spencer, Renee Stage, and the list goes on.

These 2 girls are so insecure and unhappy with their lives that they have to do this. They have to attack every pretty successful happy person that they see because they can't stand to see other's happy. They'll attack this persons friends and family. They'll threaten to hurt this person and defame them to the point where if they don't change their name they'll never be able to find gainful employment. They'll attack any one who sticks up for them.

These 2 girls have harassed and bullied others to suicide before. Should they be incarcerated? Yes. But in all likelihood it won't happen. All we can do is expose them for the cruel, vile and disgusting waste of human beings that they are. They are stains on society. Like a scab that will not be picked off.

These girls should not be trusted. They are thieves, con artists, drug addicts, liars, and cruel people and should be avoided at all costs and always exposed.

Don't let it happen to you. Spread the word.

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